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International Practical Pistol shooting originated in the USA and is a freestyle shooting competition with no set courses of fire. Originally conceived as a training course for combat style shooting without the rules and regulations of the more formal handgun shooting disciplines. Practical courses are generally divided into two segments: the standard exercises, where the shooter remains stationary and engages a number of nominated targets, and the Comstock course, where the shooter moves around the course and engages nominated targets, some of which may not be visible at the starting position of the course. The emphasis in practical shooting is speed, with some matches scored against the clock rather than over a set time. Rapid reloading and multiple shot capacity make semi-auto's the preferred handgun for the match. All shooting is done from the holster, and the most stringent requirements applied in the match are the operation of the handguns safety and the security of the holster. The courses of fire are designed on the day to present shooters with a set of shooting conditions that will differ for each match. There is a power factor requirement on the ammunition used, and outer scoring rings are scored lower if lower powered loads are used.  38/357 revolvers, .38 Super and the various 9mm autos.