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Centre Fire Pistol

The event is shot outdoors at 25 meters. As in all international pistol Notices, the match is shot with one hand.

The match is shot in stages.

The first stage is the Precision Stage which consists of a total of 30 shots shot in 6 minutes series. Shooters have 6 minutes to shoot 5 shots in each series. There is a 6 minute sighers series before the Precision Stage where shooters have 5 sighter shots.

The second stage is the Rapid Fire Stage which consists of a total of 30 shots shot in 50 second series. The targets are turning targets which turn away for 7 seconds and then face the shooter for 3 seconds. The shooter must shoot one and only one shot each time the target faces. There is 50 second sighter series shot before the Rapid Fire Stage.

The maximum score for the event is 600. The shooter with the highest total match score is the winner.