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Service Pistol Match

The course of fire is shot at ranges from 50 yards down to 7 yards and consists of 90 scoring shots. Shooting is done on turning targets and throughout the course of fire, shooters are required to shoot prone, sitting, standing from behind a barricade with both right and left hand, left and right hand only, and from the crouch position where the handgun must be held below shoulder level. Time sequences are as 25 m Service as 4 seconds and several require reloading during the time allowed. As all series are in 6 round sequences, revolvers are equally well suited to the match as autoloaders.

The Service Pistol match has recently been split into restricted and unrestricted categories. The course of fire is identical, with main differences being that the restricted course requires that the match be shot from a holster rather than from the 45 degree ready position. Any calibre up to .38 is permitted, but it is difficult for the smaller calibres to meet the power factor requirements.

Double action revolvers are very popular for this match, as they are highly reliable and once fired the double action and speed loading techniques are mastered, give nothing away to auto loaders.

Service Pistol shooting combines precision, control, speed and timing and can also be shot with a stock standard handgun that meets Centrefire Pistol requirements. The same handgun and ammunition that qualifies for the restricted course can also be used in the unrestricted course, but not vice versa.

Australian shooters produce world class scores in this match and most clubs have range facilities that can accommodate Service Pistol Notices.



50 Yards  
165 Seconds  
Prone 6 Shots T4
Sitting or Kneeling 6 Shots T3
RHS Barricade 6 Shots T2
LHS 6 Shots T1






25 Yards    
15 Secs RHS Barricade 6 Shots T4
15 Secs LHS Barricade 6 Shots T3
35 Secs RHS Barricade 6 Shots T2
Reload LHS 6 Shots T1





 25 Yards        
 6 Secs Unsupported 3 Shots T1 3 Shots T2  
 6 Secs Unsupported 2 Shots T2 2 Shots T3 2 Shots T4
 10 Yards        
 4 Secs Unsupported 6 Shots T4    
 8 Secs Unsupported 3 Weak Hand 3 Strong Hand T3  
 4 Secs Unsupported 3 Shots T1  3 Shots T2  
7 Yards        
15 Secs Unsighted 6 Shots T1 Reload, 6 Shots T2