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50 metre Pistol Silhouette Match

The concept of Metallic Silhouette shooting had its origin in Mexico where it started as what would be considered today a bloodthirsty and unacceptable sport. In the mid 20th Century it was reborn as a shooting match in which the targets were representations of the original targets but made from steel plates. These targets, in ascending sizes represent gallina, javelina, guajalote and borrego, or for those of us who don't have Mexican ancestry, chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams of the big horn sheep variety. Five targets of each shape are placed on frames at distances which vary according to the particular version of this discipline being contested, starting with the chickens and moving in four stages to accommodate all shapes with the rams on the final target line.

Although with (generous) time limitations this competition is precision oriented and shooters are required not only hit the targets but to hit them cleanly enough to knock them off the base frame. Two series of five shots each are fired at each target group, giving a match total of forty rounds fired and a possible score of 40.

One major attraction of Metallic Silhouette Matches is that they provide great spectator sport with results being obvious due to the satisfying sound of the projectile impacting the target and the successful knock down of the target which is seen fractionally before the sound is heard. Furthermore, because the shooter is not able to monitor the direction of his or her own misses, a spotter is necessary and this can increase the attraction to friends or family members who need not even be participating shooters to be an effective and involved spotter. Metallic Silhouette Matches cater for a healthy cross-section of shooters as can be seen below:

With the targets staged out to 50 metres, this competition can be shot with handguns in centrefire calibres up to .45 and varying from the popular .357 magnum to specially loaded cartridges of various calibres up to .38 which have knock-down capabilities. It should be noted that Weapons Licensing Branch approval is required for the legal use of handguns exceeding .38 calibre and this discipline is one of only two where such approval is obtainable. This distance can also be competed with rimfire handguns giving extremely economical and easily available family shooting.

This version has the ram targets at 50 metres and the targets are scaled down to present a similar degree of difficulty to shooting 100 metre sized targets at the at appropriately staged ranges. Rimfire long rifle ammunition is used and this has more than adequate energy to knock down all cleanly hit targets.