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The Conference evaluation has been emailed previously.

Some very important issues were discussed regarding insurance and risk management (Rob Low of Marsh Insurance) and the Weapons Act (Inspector Mike Crowley WLB).

From both these speakers the messages were loud and clear:

1. Take every possible step to ensure that your range facility is physically as risk free as possible.

2. Take very possible step to ensure that your members are shooting the Notices according to the rules of those Notices, as issued by the controlling body of those Notices.

3. For a participation to be legally recorded the event/match must be shot in its entirety, at the correct distance, at the correct targets.

4. Ensure that your members have the required accreditation (eg holster) suited to the specific event.


December 2010 pdf

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Our Club Visit Program for 2010 saw 34 clubs visited by Pistol Shooting Queensland Board members or administration.

Clubs which participated are shown below, in their zones, with the number of members present also noted.

Clubs to be visited in 2011 are shown under each table, as they were not met with in 2010.

Letters will be sent to these clubs early in 2011 to invite them to take part, and find a suitable date.

Northern Zone:

Club Date Members Club Date Members

Bowen PC 24 July 6 Burdekin PC 24 July 3

Cairns TSC 25 September 15 Cairns ICSC 25 September 2

Charters Towers PC 25 July 4 CRM Gunsports 25 September 1

Dimbulah PC 25 September 6 Far NQ 25 September 7

Mt Isa PC 22 August 7 Richmond PC 21 August 11

Townsville PC 25 July 2 Winton SA 20 August 3

Innisfail and Straits PC will be part of our 2011 program.

South West Zone

Club Date Members Club Date Members

Blackall PC 03 October


7 Charleville PC 02 October 1

Cunnamulla 9 October 2 South Burnett PC 05 June 5

St George PC 9 October 2

Dalby, Millmerran and Tarawera to be visited in 2011, with Cunnamulla & St George a possibility to actually visit the clubs.

South East Zone

Enclosures: Not all enclosures included for all clubs ‐ some previously emailed.